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Crusty Celine: “Good morning Amanda”
Amanda: “Whats so good about it?”
Crusty: “You’re alive”
Amanda: “That’s a good thing?” Amanda needs to add her to her kill list

Im glad Hannah turned in her awful maid wig. I prefer her natural hair. So whatever happened to Benny’s father? He bounced the minute Benny woke up, not giving a damn. Rat bastard


I LOVE Veronica. She’s a bad ass bitch. She has Jeffrey p__sy whipped and its downright sad yet embarrassing


LMAO, my jaw DROPPED when she said that. Their scenes are SOOOO good. I love watching them together

Amanda talking like she wants to hookup with Quincy? What a stupid ass bitch


As good as his body is, there was nothing sexy about him acting and sounding like a damn kid in this season     

Dr. Zelda on Married to Medicine





Who let this ugly bitch in the club?

Who let this ugly bitch in the club?


WHY hasn’t this little girl gotten her mouth smacked yet?


I CANT with Quad. Her acting is so over the top this season. Those fake tears and how she struggles to get her lines out has me rolling my eyes. Did you catch her breaking down during her talking head? Her storyline with Mariah is SOOOO fake its not even funny. This crap is ruining the show for me. I say cut them both bc the interesting stuff is with the doctors this year

Married to Medicine: Season 2, Episode 4


Ugh to ratchet grandma being back. Mariah is so irrelevant on her own show. You could take her out, and not much would change. Im here for the other womenUgh to ratchet grandma being back
Quad and her Puppy Coutre line.

YAAAS to Princess Alaura being back and shading her annoying mother. Heavenly says her personal goals were to have peace, happiness and lose weight and then asks Alaura what were hers. Alaura goes, “well I already have peace and happiness and Im already skinny” LOL

Yes she does need her ass whipped. Its entertaining for me as a viewer but as her mother, you have no control over her and it will only get worse when she’s a teenager and calling you out your name. She should have been whupped that little girl’s ass. I would never dare talk that way to my mama

Real Housewives of Melbourne: Season 1, Episode 10 (Finale)

With a total of 10 episodes, the first season of Melbourne ended and it was amazing. I really wish some of the US series would go back to shorter seasons bc more drama filled episodes in this condensed format works better than tons of filler added in to stretch it out to almost 20.
Can I reiterate that Lydia is a brainless twit and I cant stand her? I thought it was low of her and Andrea to be talking about how they were refusing to go to Gina’s event bc they don’t like her. Forget about Gina, it was about a good cause. Lydia looked especially awful when she was mocking Gina’s cancer story and saying she didn’t want to hear it in her talking heads
I liked that Janet and Gina patched things up. Sometimes you say things in the head of the moment that you don’t mean so I like that Gina called her up to explain herself and confirm that she was still her friend and wanted her at the event. Glad Janet went but ugh to Frik and Frak being bitches trying to make her feel awful for supporting Gina. Those two are miserable!
I really love Chyka’s energy and love her scene with Gina. She reminds me a bit of Deshawn Snow from season 1 of ATL. I hope the producers don’t view her as too boring and drop her next year
Jackie’s mom is fabulous. Its too bad she only showed up in the finale
The Gina vs Andrea confrontation was awesome. Clearly Andrea had already made up her mind and came looking to prove she was Queen B and she failed miserably. She was so lame, she had a Gina list which was her script of what she had to say to her. When Gina wouldn’t follow along, she didn’t know what to say and stuck to her “script” and looked stupid as hell in the process. Gina apologized to her yet that still wanst enough. She is so outraged that Gina called her a c-nt yet she acknowledges that Jackie called Gina that as well, yet thinks that’s perfectly fine.


My queen slayed her

Im glad Janet got called out on all the sh-t stirrer she’s done. Gina was right in that she is weak and the only way for her to survive in this group of woman was to join the aggressors so she wouldn’t be picked on. Im glad she started to own this a bit at the end and even in her talking head she says she loves to gossip.

Overall good season and finale. I hope this gets a reunion and if so, the two bitches need to be roasted