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31 year old Porsha and 5 year old Milania. I see no difference

Little girls pull hair and throw temper tantrums

Real Housewives of Melbourne, Season 1, Episode 9

This show is SOOO good. Every week there’s an event and confrontation. The show gets the women together and the fireworks come


Check out Andrea standing at the top of the stairs smiling, looking like an evil soap bitch


WHAT A BITCH! She talks about having a spa day and then proceeds to “quietly” exclude Gina knowing she is standing right there and can hear and see them. Andrea is EVIL.  The absolute worst. She said that in retaliation to blabbermouth Lydia telling her that Gina was undecided about inviting her to her cancer event. I hope there is a reunion and I hope they roast her



Speaking of Lydia, I cant stand her. All she does is kiss Andrea’s ass and has no voice or opinion of her own. While it may have been wrong for Gina to call Lydia and tell her what Janet said about her, I have no problem with it bc its karma. Janet has been talking sh-t and revealing her private conversations with Gina, so her crap is fair game. I loved her lying to Lydia’s face about not calling her brainless and then the producers show us the receipts with the flashback of her doing just that

From what I gather, Andrea is pissed that Gina called her a c-nt in an email. Hate to use the word, but she sure acts like one.



That quote is truth for all the stupid haters out there. Im gonna have to start using that

Janet was a fool thinking she could take on Gina and she looks ridiculous sticking up for Ms Evil and her stupid sidekick. Their sitdown confrontation was good

Next week Gina goes off on Andrea and calls her a f—king moron! Gina slaying her will give me so much life

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 22

Poor Kenya. That stuff was sad to watch. I was surprised she showed up to the play at the end. Love Kenya and Cynthia bonding and solidifying their friendship with each other. Nene who?

Little Ayden is adorable. I was like awww when he said Dylan was too heavy for him

Cynthia looked absolutely gorgeous in every scene she was in

Another episode, another horrible wig hairstyle from Nene

Was Kandi adopted or is that really her bio dad? I look at him and have a hard time thinking he and Joyce produced her

Porsha talking about how that woman doesnt like the “Porsha Experience”….well neither do I!

I saw that Stevie J made a brief cameo. You know it would be a ratchet crossover if Joselyn turned up

Overall pretty boring finale. They could have ended it at Mexico to let it end with a bang

Nene’s ending with that music and old cast photo felt so cryptic, like she was dead

Real Housewives of Atlanta : Season 6, Episode 21


What do ya’ll think of her new talking head? One of the bloggers need to capture her “Just like that, BLOOP!” gif. She looked so stupid talking about the millions of dollars she’s left on the acting table, saying she chooses to only do things that elevate her. Why then hasn’t she had received an acting gig since Ryan Murphy’s two shows? And wanting to do drama without being committed to acting classes….really?

Porsha looked stupid trying to check Kandi about her team


I feel like Ive seen this scene of Cynthia confronting Papa Smurf over money a dozen times already. BTW, her Beyoncé weave was gorgeous

OMG, poor Kenya! To watch your dog being killed in front of your eyes is awful. That’s pretty sad especially watching her struggle to have a child, not having a relationship with her mother, that dog was a support for her. Such a rare scene of true raw emotion. I liked that she was able to share her tragedy with the two cast members she’s closest with.


Im sorry but LMAO at Cynthia’s reaction

Mama Joyce is such a shady bitch! When asked about the conflict she has with Todd and Kandi, she goes “since he’s been with her, she’s gained like 30 lbs”. Who says that?

Phaedra was so irrelevant this episode. I didn’t even notice she was absent till she got that 1 minute scene in between segments

Real Housewives of Melbourne - Season 1, Episode 7

 I LOVE Gina. Can we steal her and bring her to Beverly Hills? I can see her and Lisa hitting it off. These women try their best to paint Gina as the villain, yet they end up looking horrible and she is just fabulous

5WWUDXU.gif nqvbi8.gif


At one point they were fighting amongst themselves and Gina whipped out her compact and started fixing her makeup, not giving a f—k about them

LMAO at her comparison between her dogs and Andrea and Lydia


Janet confronted Gina at the table and said the other girls were involved and Jackie was like “what do you mean involved?” The look on her face was priceless! Them girls put Janet up to confronting Gina and then tried to throw her under the bus. Its real rich how Andrea and Lydia were so offended that Gina talked about them behind their backs, yet they do that about her every week!

I love Chyka and how she seems to be the only fair one that has Gina’s back and isn’t falling into the high school antics


She is flat out hilarious and her talking head about looking like a stick with big tits had me ROFL

the best kpop boygroups start with B

I’ll thrown in BtoB in there as well

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RHOA Season 6, Episode 20

Im glad Nene apologized as soon as Cynthia and Peter addressed her calling him a bitch as I didn’t expect her too. It seems though that she robbed off on Gregg bc he was saying and doing the most. Oh shut up dude


DANG at Kandi’s boobs in her talking head. LMAO at Kandi saying that Porsha’s demands don’t match her resume. Im glad she’s squashing it now due to what happened with her and Kim. Porsha has an assistant…what the heck does she do?


Cynthia is looking dragalicious. The hai would be fine if she had better makeup, but that blue makes her look like she belongs on RuPaul’s show


Kandi’s old teacher has some GOOD hair


I didn’t like what Kenya had to say about having a white baby doll. That scene was too much for me. “I don’t want them to be named Nene, bc I want them to actually be born with hair” LOL….that was funny though as is this pic of her aunt looking at her like she’s crazy

Im glad Mama Joyce returns next week. She always brings some good drama

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 16


LMAO, at Kenya’s Nene impression. I LOVE her and Marlo as friends as i knew I would. The two of them kiking together is so much fun.


Kandi’s hair looks a hot darn mess. I am not a fan of this style. She looks so much better in her talking heads


Not a fan of Cynthia’s new wig.


I do like Nene’s new wig. However, oh shut up with this Nay-Nay talk. More like No-No. Kenya apologized and this bitch couldnt reciprocate and do the same

Miss Lawrence! Love that he’ll be going to Mexico

Ayden is cute when he talks but man they need to give that kid subtitles bc I could barely understand a word he said

I knew it. NeNe is hating on Marlo bc she’s jealous of her growing friendship with Kenya. Dang, Marlo went in on her. I have to say it wasnt the right time to do that but Nene did throw water and bottles. She was wrong for that.


Totally did not expect to see Marlo “break down” and start crying. That sh-t seemed so fake! She’s not a good actress.

Derek J and Funky Dineva…..ewww gross!

LMAO at NeNe’s shady comment about late Kandi and Cynthia should have told her the event started yesterday. LMAO at the girl rolling up with a posse behind her complete with cheerleaders performing

Uh oh, Kordell returns next week and it was needed bc Porsha has no storyline


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 15

Kenya, Marlo and Lawrence…what a way to start a show! Love em! Love how this is setting  up the stage for their friendship. NeNe must have been LIVID when she witnessed this. I also love how this episode is ALL about Kenya. Notice how NeNe is pretty much MIA for the first half. Her new weave did look cute.

So Kenya is hoping to repair her friendship with Nene by raising money for her charity. Good for her. And she apologized to all the ladies and has been very positive. She is doing everything right and its clear Nene’s ass is a negative Nancy. Man Kenya is working this to a t! Was anyone else wondering where Kenya got the money to throw that ball? Must have been her prince…lol

Dang, Kandi done surrounded hersef with a bunch of hasbeens. I still hate her hair color, but her style at the skating rink. Her hair later in the episode though with the shoulder length look was awful.

As usual, Cynthia’s hair is on point.

Really Kandi is watching Phaedra’s video to lose weight? That explains alot. LMAO at Mama Joyce’s message. Geriatric Joyce calling a woman half her age an old lowdown heffa…lol. DEAD at Joyce trying to setup Todd with a sexy decoy, Maury Povich style. I feel bad for Kandi but i understand where Todd is coming from as well. Kandi needs to check that bitter heffa that birthed her

So Kenya DID send an invitation to NeNe but she’s pissed that Kenya didnt call her personally. Like she said, their last interaction had them leaving upset. Why would Kenya call? I think written communication after that was for the best. Nene is just being petty at this point. LMAO at Kenya throwing jabs about RSVPing,  considering the crap NeNe gave her for her wedding

Marlo didnt attend the ball? WHAT! I was waiting all season for her at this event.

Nene showing up PRESSED as  hell….bitch might as well have not shown up. I have to say the whole speech thing did look like a setup. For once Go Peter! I love that he checked NeNe for her actions. She was wrong. As usual though, Cynthia was stirring the pot.

Nene: “None of these b-tches are on my level” Really? You done played yourself

Lesson to be taken from this episode….Kenya is the STAR and Nene is going DOWN! LMAO

Which side are you on? Team Twirl here!

Which side are you on? Team Twirl here!

But Rashidah looks like…

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 14

Kandi: “Nobody cares about Ani, lets be clear. We dont care about her” YES! Aint no one give a f— about some faceless irrelevant bish. Natalie trying to backpeddle. You WERE implying that Todd was an oppurtunist even if that word didnt come out your mouth

LOL at how Porsha hightailed it out of there

Mynique, STFU! Now you trying to talk? Girl, bye!

LOL…this bitch…love her!

WTF did Mallorie push Todd? She helped escalate that drama when she put her hands on Kandi. I had to rewind bc I missed her putting hands on her. You will beat Kandi’s ass? Girl, you better watch your ass! I wanted to see Kandi drag her in that bitch. Glad we finally learned her set her up like that.

Carmen’s back! I was wonderin why her ass just dissapeared.

Brandon didnt file charges bc of those babies. Thats exactly why I wouldnt either. I guess Im a sucker, bc I was just thinking what something like that would do to the family and those children.

Phaedra…you look like a moron, especially knowing now what has gone down with Apollo

Nene referring to Brandon as girfriend, queen, she, etc… is NOT cool. She’s not a homophobe but she has alot of gay friends. She’s throwing those digs around ONLY bc he is gay and she’s trying to devalue him as a man.  She’s a mean bitch.

Kandi looking like she’s gonna drag this bitch. Cynthia was TOO turned up. She should have came apologetic or at the very least not as defensive. Who’d have thought that Porsha would be making the most sense at that table?

Next week is MARLO!

Lexis has arrived!